Intrusive Marketing

For years people have been aggravated when the phone rings just as they sit down to eat dinner with their family. When this first occurred, people answered the phone because they worried a loved one needed assistance. It did not take long for people to realize many calls during the early evening hours were nothing more than telemarketers trying to sell them something. Most people found this type of marketing intrusive. It was as if marketing workers had a way to break into their home. No Call lists blossomed with millions of phone numbers to prevent them from calling.

The days of telemarketers have become limited. Cell phones automatically tell the owner if they know the caller or not. If a telemarketer calls, it will generally be an unknown number and the phone will be unanswered. Originally a novel way to get sales, it has become a failure in the marketing world. Few companies now use telemarketing unless they are calling their current customers to add more services.